Glade & Grove

Glade and Grove offers holistic permaculture expertise to meet diverse client needs. I design natural spaces that embrace human enjoyment and nature's needs with an ecological, regenerative, and artistic focus. I prioritize client collaboration and empowerment of knowledge for long-term sustainability. Committed to environmental stewardship, my aim is to minimize our ecological footprints and contribute to a healthier planet. Through education and outreach, I go beyond consultancy, fostering a culture of sustainability for communities and businesses.

Consulting Services Offered


An all-inclusive teaching option that walks you through each nuance and phase, providing you with the education and resources to develop your own site plan.

The Steward is a good mid-point: it's a balance between being an apprentice to learn and being given more structured guidance as you implement sustainable practices.

An all-inclusive design option that takes all of the nuanced intricacies off your plate to develop an executable plan for yourself or a contractor.

For more detailed information, see our Services page.

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